We have created 15 private tents promising the utmost comfort and luxury with breathtaking views along the riverbank. Each location was meticulously planned over a seven year period by a process of minimal intervention and understanding the idiosyncracies of the river valley.

Interactive Camp Map

Cardamom National Park

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  • Wild Tent
  • Waterfall Tent
  • 2-Bedroom Tent


At WILD, everything is included (except your helicopter). Meals, adventures, drinks, wellness treatments, everything. We have spent our time crafting a unique experience for you in the Cambodian jungle and we don’t want anything getting in the way of that.

Wild Tents are $1,900++ per couple per night with a minimum 3 nights stay.

Waterfall Tent rates are available on request.

Adventure Butlers

Part guide, part friend, part magician. Our Adventure Butlers anticipate your every need. Finding unforgettable activities to suit your tastes and fitness, they accompany you on all your adventures, from motorbike rides to boat trips. Not to mention the classic butler role: unpacking and packing your luggage and fulfilling your ad-hoc requests.